• AT&T set to expand 5G trials to three other US cities by the end of 2017

    US telecommunications incumbent AT&T has announced that it will expand its 5G trials to three additional US cities by the end of the year. The operator has already adopted an aggressive approach to developing the next-generation technology - but its latest statement is indicative of its desire to ramp up operations in its attempts to be in a position to deploy 5G technology by the end of 2018.

  • Ericsson chosen for smart cities traffic solution in Dallas, Texas

    The city of Dallas, Texas, has selected Ericsson to install and host an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) based on Ericsson’s Connected Urban Transport solution. The city’s vision for the traffic system is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that automates and facilitates system monitoring, management, maintenance, and performance monitoring across departments, as well as between cities and counties.

  • Microsoft develops ‘smart traps’ aimed at halting spread of deadly Zika virus

    A number of America's leading technology companies are collaborating through the use of automation and robotics in an effort to prevent the spread of the deadly Zika virus which is caused by mosquitoes.

  • Texas advances citizen emergency preparedness with new app

    The US city of Austin in central Texas has launched a mobile app to better prepare citizens for natural disasters and other emergencies, including COVID-19 updates.

  • US military turns to tech-savvy Austin for new innovations

    The US armed forces have selected the tech-savvy city of Austin to be the new home of its command center that is aimed at innovating and preparing the army for future wars.

  • US state commences testing on driverless shuttle buses

    The Department of Transportation in the US state of Minnesota has announced that it has officially commenced trials of its new driverless bus shuttles. The US state becomes the latest in a whole host of North American cities to trial new autonomous technology which if tested successfully will be subsequently integrated into its public transportation sector.