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Blockchain company enters the UAE market

Espeo Blockchain, a consulting brand of Espeo Software with 10 years of experience, declared that it has chosen Dubai as its new hub to set up an office, after recognizing the region's growth potential and interest in blockchain technology.

The reason why the company made that decision is because it has seen the evolution of this city which became one of the top spots for blockchain entrepreneurship, for its friendly attitude towards cryptocurrencies and its government personally investing in bringing new technologies to its citizens.

Even so, the company tends to meet the needs of Dubai regarding the necessity of more blockchain professionals in the region who can advise on blockchain or develop blockchain solutions since companies and agencies in the region are currently either searching for talent elsewhere or turning to the very few local providers in the field.

“We're planning to change that, giving the public access to not only blockchain developers, but advisors helping to make the right decisions for a particular use case,” said Mickael Costache, MENA regional director. He added that Espeo Blockchain has a solid track record for complex blockchain products.